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Athlete Stories

We’ve all heard the stories about pampered NFL players and former superstars going broke. But what about the athletes in Europe playing their 8th season, making 20k, and absolutely loving life?


The key to being a great athlete, or anything for that matter, is consistent effort. No one simply wakes up one day and becomes great. It’s done through developing strong daily habits.


Being in “the zone” is a common term in the sports realm, but the reason athletes feel this way is because their mind and body have made a connection and reached a new state of mind.

Goals & Commitment

It’s easy to create massive long-term goals, but what are you specifically doing today to get there? What habits are you developing that will sustain steady improvement over the next year?


How we handle obstacles and challenges in our path is primarily determined by our attitudes towards them. The weak see it as a crisis, the resilient see it as an opportunity for growth.

Team Skills

Being a good teammate is about more than just effective verbal communication. It’s about reading emotion, developing trust, being vulnerable, and an openness to feedback.

Do you have a Life Philosophy?

Creating goals and showing up to achieve them is just half the battle. What will you do when challenges arise and the reality of hard work shows up? What is your guiding philosophy that pushes you in every moment? Having a life philosophy can help to answer that question.

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Quote of the week

“Make sure your worst enemy doesn’t live between your two ears.”

-Laird Hamilton

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