The Daily Athlete Journal

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A simplified way to enhance goal focus (Go-cus), build lasting habits, cultivate more passion for your sport & life, and ensure that you never miss an opportunity again. Create your own path to peak performance with The Daily Athlete Journal.

What’s inside:

  • 4 months of daily journaling pages
  • Weekly reviews
  • Weekly challenges
  • Goal setting worksheets
  • Monthly goal evaluations
  • Future planning worksheets
  • Goal setting for competition
  • Mental training resources

What is the Daily Athlete Journal?

The Daily Athlete Journal is a simplified way to enhance goal focus (Go-cus), build lasting habits, cultivate more passion in your life, and ensure that you never miss out on an opportunity again.

Is the Daily Athlete Journal for you?

Are you finding that you can go for entire weeks and months of simply “going through the motions” in your training?

Have you ever struggled to create a plan that helps you achieve your goals on a daily basis?

Do you wish you had the discipline to execute on your goals and take action consistently?

Are you constantly finding yourself frustrated by the small obstacles that get in your way?

If you answered yes to one, two, three, or all four of the above, then allow The  Daily Athlete Journal to guide you by enhancing your goal focus, strengthing your habits, reinvigorating your love for your sport, and ensuring that you are prepared for any opportunity.

Are you ready to master your daily routine, find discipline, and focus on what matters most? Order your journal today!


Who is it for?

Well, it’s designed for athletes, but realistically it could be used by pretty much anyone. All they really need is set of goals and a desire to improve themselves.

But more specifically, this journal is for the athletes who are…

  • Sick of making goals and seeing them fall through.
  • Tired of putting in long hours and not reaping more benefits.
  • Done with being passed over by coaches because they lack discipline.
  • Fed up with seeing their energy and effort wasted.
  • Wishing they were more consistent.
  • Looking for ways to make the most out their training.
  • Wanting to take ownership of their routine.
  • Ready to take their game to the next level.

Who shouldn’t use it?

People who are…

  • Happy with being average.
  • Good with sitting on the bench.
  • Waiting for someone to hand them an opportunity.
  • Looking to blame others for their mistakes.
  • Content with underachievement.

How The Daily Athlete Journal Works

The journal is divided up into two sections: a morning routine and then an evening routine.

Morning Routine: Between waking up and heading off to your first task you have a prime opportunity to think about how you’d like to spend your day. By aligning yourself with what you are grateful for and then sorting out the day’s most important actions, you will ensure that you are moving in a direction that coincides with your goals and values.

Evening Routine: Your evening is a perfect time to evaluate your day and then contemplate how you could improve for tomorrow. Most notably, this section allows you to review your day; to look back and consider the good, the bad, and how you got better from both.

The Layout

Athlete Reviews

Still not sure?

Here are some reviews from professional athletes who have used the journal:

“The Daily Athlete Journal was the first time that I did a morning and evening review. It has helped me keep my focus on what is really important and to accomplish those things throughout the day. I would set very realistic actions that I normally have a hard time doing that would push me towards my goals (ie. drinking 5L of water). Then at the end of the day, you can reflect to see what you accomplished and what you still need to work on. The journal helped me make small incremental improvements towards the type of athlete and person I want to be.”

– Rudy Verhoeff (Volleyball, Olympian, Hypo Tirol AlpenVolleyball, Austria)


“The Daily Athlete journal is a tool that once you start, you can never go without. Personally, it was so valuable to have a space where I could write down my goals for the day and reflect on them in the evening. Having taken time to get into this morning routine, throughout the day I often remind myself of the smaller, more specific goals I had made, as to not get discouraged when I wasn’t performing in a different skillset. It would dial me back into my daily goals that I had set and therefore after a practice had finished, would feel more accomplished (with room to grow the next day). I also believe that practicing gratitude has immense positive benefits for us as athletes and humans in general. Having a space to write and reflect these things keeps you humble and sets you up for a healthier and happier day. I would recommend this journal to any player whether just starting out on your volleyball journey or those playing abroad that are willing to put in the effort to take their game to the next level. It’s a complete game changer and with only a few minutes a day, it can drastically improve your mental and physical performance.”

– Kyla Richey (Volleyball, Canadian National Team, Jakarta Pertamina Energi)


“I play my best volleyball when I’m using the Daily Athlete Journal.”

– Megan Cyr (Volleyball, Canadian National Team, VBC Pomì Casalmaggiore, Italy)


“I had never journaled before in my career but I had heard of the benefits from other players, so I came into it with an open mind. And… I loved it!!! I found the biggest benefit for me came from actually putting pen to paper. This made me get past just having thoughts and towards putting those thoughts into actions. I found I was better prepared mentally and emotionally going into practices and from that, I felt like I had accomplished more when practice was finished. I definitely recommend other athletes pick up this journal and give it a try. I strongly believe this is a tool that can help take athletes to new heights in their performance.”

– Nick Del Bianco (Volleyball, LUC Volleyball, Switzerland)


“Being a professional athlete is a grind. Day in and day out I’m putting my body through physical exertion, leading to mental and emotional fatigue as well. No matter what, I’m putting my body through this stress, and the hours of training. Why not get more out of my efforts? The Daily Athlete Journal has helped me be more focused in my training sessions, more disciplined in nutrition, and a happier person. Starting my day out with gratitude puts me in the right mindset of being grateful for all that I have, but the motivation and desire to get after my goals and win the day. Sometimes I don’t win the day, but if I lose I don’t lose the lesson. The journal helps give me peace of mind at the end of a long day. I find putting my thoughts down on paper helps me let it go, take a breath, and regroup for what tomorrow has to offer.”

Alicia Perrin (Volleyball, Canadian National Team, USMP, Peru)


“This is a tool I wish I could have had when I started playing volleyball. Refining the mental side of the game is just as, if not more valuable, than physical skill sets in this sport.”

Danielle Smith (Volleyball, Canadian National Team, CSM Targoviște, Romania)


“As a person with many different thoughts running through my mind at once, I found the daily athlete journal to be helpful in a way that helped me to have a main focus throughout the day and left me with a positive way of looking at things. Each morning and evening I set aside time to reflect on my goals and actions that were helping me to reach my long-term goals. The Daily Athlete journal helped to slow my mind down, to think each day what I’m grateful for and to simplify what I wanted to accomplish in my day.”

– Kristen Moncks (Volleyball, Canadian National Team, Sta. Lucia Lady Realtors, Philippines)


I truly believe in the power of this journal. That’s why I am willing to offer a 120-day money back guarantee. If you buy The Daily Athlete Journal and find no benefits from using it, I promise to refund your entire purchase. The only thing I ask is that you use the journal every single day for 1-month straight. If you can do that and I still do not find it’s helping you become a better athlete and person, I will give you your money back.

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