Our main goal is to serve the Daily Athlete. We plan to do this in 4 separate ways:


Exploring the lives of athletes; both past and present. Sharing their stories, breaking down their mistakes, highlighting their strengths, gathering their insights and from that, creating practical lessons for you.


Digging into the science behind the mental skills of athletics, reaching peak performance, and achieving true fulfillment. Our main focus is directed towards understanding Team Skills, Mindfulness, Goal Setting, Commitment, Mindset, Attitude, and Establishing a Purpose.


We want to create open and honest discussion on the ways in which athletes can look more closely at what they are trying to accomplish with sports, and the legacy they want to have once they are finished. What can an athlete do to make the most of their experience, regardless of circumstance?


A resource for athletes and coaches where they can come to learn and read about things like:

  • Lack of motivation
  • Why they aren’t enjoying sports anymore
  • Developing a life philosophy
  • Mental imagery
  • Achieving flow state (in the zone)
  • Managing anxiety, fear, pressure
  • Meditation
  • Proper goal setting
  • How to become a better teammate
  • Improving resilience
  • Better self-awareness
  • Lessons from other athletes
  • What creates a successful team/player/organization
  • The biggest mistakes to avoid
  • Journaling for athletes
  • Applying sports lessons into the working world
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