Jan 19
Jan 12

Your body is useless… if you don’t use your mind

“The proper work of the mind is exercise of choice, refusal, yearning, repulsion, preparation, purpose, and assent. What then can pollute and clog the minds proper functioning? Nothing but its own corrupt decisions.”    - Epictetus Quotes like this are great and all, but sometimes they can be a little difficult... read more →
Jan 05
Dec 29
Dec 22

Do You Have “Obstacle Insurance”?

As a society, we have a tendency to imagine the most horrendous, disastrous, terrifying future events for ourselves. As a result, we are willing to buy, save, lock, hide or do whatever it takes to protect our possessions from harm. We worry that someone is going to break into our... read more →
Dec 15
Dec 13
Dec 08
Nov 24

Failing Sucks

So I know what some of you might be thinking... Daily Athlete sure has a lot of articles about failure.  And yes, that's very true. But that's the way I want it to be. In this world where we can put a filter on our feelings and send snapshots of... read more →
Nov 17

Why Everyone Else Seems Better Than You

Audio version of this article 👇👇👇 The other day I found myself about 10 videos deep in a YouTube Suggestions Spiral. I started out watching one of my favourite shows/podcasts, The Joe Rogan Experience and continued watching more and more of the suggested videos. As I was going further... read more →
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